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About Shungite,

Shungite is a unique Precambrian carbonaceous natural mineral of organic origin that can be found in its raw form only in the Republic of Karelia Russia.  Among other properties that absorb negative aspects of radiation, as well as other types of EMF that our bodies can not easily repel.

Discovered in 1792, the follow up paper written in 1877, officially named in 1885.

In 1990 two gentlemen,  Robert Curl and Richard Smalley of the Rice University and Harold Kroto of the University of Sussex, England, carried out a 10 years long research which resulted in discovery of unique structure of carbon inherent in shungite – fullerenes. Fullerenes, which is an allotropic modification of carbon. More importantly, this is the only natural material where fullerenes have been discovered. This is what gives it the circular patterns you see on real Shungite.
They published a paper on Shungite, it won the Nobel prize in 1996 in Chemistry. This award winning paper details the various properties that are beneficial for us, protection when put in water. Metaphysical and spiritual properties as well as medicinal and physical properties.
In water Shungite removes heavy metals such as, mercury, lead and excessive amounts of copper. It removes toxins such as phenol's, dioxins, oil. It also removes chemicals such as pesticides, chlorine, and fluoride. Shungite contains many of the beneficial minerals on the periodic table and returns them to the water if left to soak 24-48 hours.

How to use Shungite:

Drinking water, convert tap water back into living water in 24-48 hours (12 hours per liter of water).
Ratio - (100grams of Shungite per 1 liter of water, be sure to use a ceramic or glass bottle). (Note; Please be aware, it will tend to make your water a bit harder, Less alkaline)

Shungite impacts the antihistamine effect on the body, helping to ease the reaction. removes and eradicates streptococcus cells and e coli.

How to use Shungite Filter bathwater :

Use Shungite for full body rejuvenation.

Place 100g bag in bath water with our Shungite Bath Salts soak for at least a half hour, sloughing off dead skin and negative energies. Emerge from your bath time Refreshed and Rejuvenated.

How to use Shungite:

Wear Shungite to bounce away dangerous elector-magnetic frequencies (EMF) grounding the body in earthy vibrations, and balancing the chakras.

Shungite is resistant to chemical attack, it will not corrode. Shungite has phenomenal shielding power, enhances metaphysical abilities.
A natural gift with strong grounding earthy energies, Shungite helps balance the chakras as well as protect against electromagnetic frequencies.

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About us

Kierston is an artist with Renaissance capabilities. Able to do everything from Graphic arts to water colors and acrylic painting to Jewelry wrapping and Stamp  making. She is a Shaman Reiki energy worker, creating crystal prescriptions through copper wrapped Shungite, Quartz Crystals & semiprecious stone beads.
Channeling healing energies with intention when creating all of her pieces. The creative force and genius behind ShungiteJewelry on Etsy. New items are always on the way, channeled through her Creative Genius. Her passion for creativity and her Divine inspiration are always concocting many more projects for her to develop and explore.
Ananda is an Alchemist of healing agents delivered through natural, simple 5 ingredient chocolates and healing balms. All of her creations are Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar Free. Her healing Balm is All Natural, Salicylate Free and with the healing power of Shungite, Colloidal Silver and Shea Butter it is perfect for most dry skin conditions that are highly sensitive to traditional lotion ingredients.
She is also a psychic and uses her abilities to make amazing Wearable Psychic Creations. Charm necklaces that help people through crystal healing by tapping into Universal energies to nudge people in a more positive direction.  Shungite is the perfect catalyst for most protection creations along with our signature Lumurian crystals and a host of other semi-precious stones, she creates one of a kind pieces that energize, protect and manifest for the wearer. Priced very reasonably (starting at $28-$46), it is a simple way for one to connect with the Universal Source and raise ones frequency and vibratory rate. By doing so one is protected from all sorts of negative energies and in these crazy times who doesn’t need that!
Together we have discovered the absurdly magnificent healing properties of Shungite and are working with Divinely guided Universal energies to bring this natural healing product to you.


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